Free eBook – Thinking of Joining a Gym?

Thinking of Joining a Gym? Ask the smart questions…

It is a personal choice; your exercise habits need to include activities that you enjoy doing and you need to be able to do them when you want to.

Your health and wellbeing is a consequence of the lifestyle choices you make and for many people that includes a regular commitment to exercise, perhaps you may be Thinking of Joining a Gym.

I had a single purpose when writing my free ebook – Thinking of Joining a Gym? Ask the smart questions;  to help you to question what gym facilities and services are important to you and what questions to ask of yourself before making the commitment to join a gym. 

If you Google ‘gym membership’ then typically you get 50M+ results. Not too helpful!  That is why I wrote my book, a consumer’s guide to joining a gym.  As a gym-sider who has seen tens of thousands of people revolve through the doors of the gym, I am making the book loaded with advice available to you as a free download.


Helping you make the right choice…for you!

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Thinking of Joining a Gym?